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My Explorer context menus are filled with various goodies that I use from time to time. I want to add another option to them, and I have done so, but I'm having troubles getting it to appear in one place.

What I have tried so far can be summarized with the following .reg file:

@="Open Thingy Here"

@="C:\stuff\thingy.exe \"%L\""

@="Open Thingy Here"

@="C:\stuff\thingy.exe \"%L\""

@="Open Thingy Here"

@="C:\stuff\thingy.exe \"%L\""

This almost works as intended: Right-clicking on a drive from My Computer, or a sub-directory from anywhere in Windows Explorer, correctly shows the context menu option.

However... If I Right-Click in the open whitespace of my current working directory does not produce the desired option. I know this is possible, because I've seen other options populate in this menu, including the standard Windows "Open command window here" which appears in the registry keys of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\Shell\cmd where * is Directory|Drive|Folder.

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As it turns out, right-clicking the "background" of a directory in Windows Explorer populates from the registry keys:


Adding the appropriate keys to these two locations solved this issue.

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