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I have a VPS Debian server and I would like to stream my screen capture I have locally, so friends could watch what I'm viewing basically. How can I do this? I suspect I would need to have VLC sort of feed my web server, where my web server is setup so there's a streaming server installed.

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I would try using either RecordMyDesktop or xvidcap as they both have live encoding features, and pair that up with VLC for streaming.

I haven't tried that yet myself, so let me know how well that works.

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How exactly does VLC's streaming work though? I'm on a public IP from the Comcast ISP, so would it stream from my public comcast IP? Is that what someone else would have to visit to see my stream? Or do I have to setup my Debian Server if I wanted to share it from there with something like Darwin Server? – meder omuraliev Oct 25 '09 at 10:44
yes, it would stream from your public comcast ip address. It's actually got a really easy to use wizard to set it up. – supercheetah Oct 25 '09 at 15:52

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