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I have a file that contains a SQL statement that looks like this that I paste in from some code. Can someone tell me the search/replace command for changing the + " values to blank or null?

I've tried various combinations of this but nothing seems to work

:%s\x ",,

  " select"
+ " col1 "
+ " col1 "
+ " col1 "
+ " col1 "
+ " from table"
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%s - Search the whole file

/ - Separator character

+\|" Search for the string + or the string "

/ - Separator character

- Replace with nothing

/ - Separator character

g - "Global" replace (without this it would only do one substitution per line)

Substitutions are in the form range to look at/what to look for/what to replace with/options

The separator character can be anything, / is just the most common. Personally, I like ; because it makes it easier to read when you have a bunch of backslashes.

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An alternative: :%s/[+"]//g (a little easier to read) – jahroy May 31 '13 at 6:22

I think this is the simplest way:


This assumes that you want to remove all " and + characters.

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:%s/+ "//

Assuming you want to remove all '+ "' strings

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I believe the OP also wants to remove the " characters at the end of each line. – jahroy May 31 '13 at 6:39

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