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In Aquamacs, I have scrollbars turned off: (scroll-bar-mode -1).

But when I do New Buffer in New Frame, i.e. ⌘-N, the new frame has a scrollbar. How do I make it so new frames have scrollbars off by default?

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The following, which you can add to ~/.emacs or wherever your init script happens to live, should solve this problem by disabling scrollbars on newly created frames, immediately after they're created:

(add-hook 'after-make-frame-functions
          '(lambda (frame)
             (modify-frame-parameters frame
                                      '((vertical-scroll-bars . nil)
                                        (horizontal-scroll-bars . nil)))))

Works for me in Emacs 24.3 on both Linux and Darwin; Aquamacs is weird, so your mileage may vary, but I doubt it's weird enough to break this.

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This worked! Do you know how I would add a line to disable Aquamacs' tabbar mode? I have Show Tabs unchecked but every time I create a new window, Aquamacs turns it back on. I tried adding this line to your code above but it didn't help. (tabbar-mode nil nil (tabbar)) – incandescentman Aug 20 '13 at 5:10
@PeterSalazar Not as such; <rant class="opinionated">Aquamacs lasted all of five minutes with me before I trashed it in favor of this Mac port, which is vanilla GNU Emacs 24.3 with (very good) Darwin/Aqua patches, rather than trying to Frankenstein everything into the Aqua school of UI thought, the way Aquamacs does.</rant> Have you tried (tabbar-mode -1) in your init file? – Aaron Miller Aug 20 '13 at 5:30
yup, I do have that line also. It works for a while, until I start creating new frames and new tabs. – incandescentman Aug 20 '13 at 8:31
@PeterSalazar I just grabbed a fresh copy of Aquamacs and fired it up to try this out; while I didn't make a systematic study, doing M-x customize-group RET tabbar RET and setting 'Tabbar Mode' to 'Off' seems to have done the trick. The value of tabbar-mode after I'd done so was nil, so it's possible either (setq tabbar-mode nil) or just (tabbar-mode nil) will have the desired effect, but Customize may be partaking of special magic, too, and I'd thus recommend trying that route if you haven't already done so. – Aaron Miller Aug 20 '13 at 14:32

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