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I have a free dyndns domain


How can I set up a cname for


to point to

And how can I force the www one, so that if you navigate to, it will go to the www one?

I don't mean html redirecting, but I think you can do it with url rewriting somehow, something like described here. I've seen many tutorials, but they just vaguely say that you have to enter a cname record, I have no clue what file I need to put it in. Also, please see my question

about getting url rewriting to work.

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This answered question should help you: – squircle Apr 8 '10 at 14:52

you would add the following to your DNS server: 86400 CNAME


  • Host:
  • TTL: 86400 (1 day in this case)
  • Record Type: CNAME
  • Data:
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