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I'm currently using CentOS 6 on a VPS (openVZ).

I just created a user stunnel_user and group stunnel_grp to run stunnel on some nobody:nogroup.

I changed the shell of the stunnel_user to /sbin/nologin to make it safe.

But after changing the users's shell, whenever I try to run the command as stunnel_user (in root!) using:

runuser -l stunnel_user -c stunnel
sudo -u stunnel_user -c stunnel

or editing the stunnel.conf file to have:


I get:

"this account is currently not available"

(also, I tried using su --shell=/bin/bash --session-command="stunnel" stunnel_user, but this exits immediately)

Does anyone know what the problem is?

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Sounds like that account is locked, /var/log/secure may hold answers. If reading through PAM configs isn't your idea of fun, a easy fix to try is just to set a password on the account.

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