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I am trying to mount an nfs share on a linux mint 14 (64bit). I have already downloaded and installed nfs-common & rpcbind package in linux mint. The server contains in /etc/exports the line


(the above export is a soft link to /mnt/lvm).

On the client side i type in the command line:

sudo mount stargaze:/nfs/lvm/ /mnt/lvm/

and I wait for a while but nothing happens.

at timeout I read in the client side: mount.nfs: Connection timed out but there is nothing in dmesg!

I tested this share on another computer in my intranet, a slackware v14.0 32bit client and it mounts the share fine.

Am I forgetting something in Mint?

Thank you

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well it turns out, linux mint 14 was trying to connect to the share using nfs version 4. I verified that enabling verbose output on the mount command of the client:

mount -v nfsserv:/nfs/lvm /mnt/lvm

It turns out slackware server wanted version 3 nfs preferably - or so it has been configured. So I tweak the command as follows:

mount -o vers=3 nfsserv:/nfs/lvm /mnt/lvm

and it mounted the share without a problem!

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well -- search for basically an entire day for this. I thought it was something more severe. Thanks a lot for posting your soln. – dylnmc Dec 15 '15 at 21:29
@dylnmc no problem :) – nass Dec 15 '15 at 21:40

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