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I have tried to parse my language_data.txt, which is edited by emacs. The different column is seperated by "\tab".

But when I read the file, it is found that the tab characters has been replaced by many \space characters. For example:

en_US   shiphrah        02005   book reader no connection
en_US   shiphrah        02006   user reader no connection

How to insert tab character in Text mode?

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C-q <tab>

C-q insert the next character as a raw character

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In addition to answer given: Check value of indent-tabs-mode, customize it if needed. Several hooks use it's value doing translations TAB-Blank.

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If you want TAB key to insert a tab character, add this to your ~/.emacs

(global-set-key (kbd "TAB") 'self-insert-command);

More helpful info on emacs + TAB :

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