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This one is about to drive me off the edge. Same system had same problem a while back. We thought we had tracked it down to a problem with their ISP. And may still be. They are using a laptop and move from one location to the next so I cannot ever be sure of anything. The latest episode began with THE LAST WINDOWS 7 UPDATE PACK last Tuesday. Right after she got the update the system "went crazy" (her words) and nothing seemed to work right. Several reboots later the only way I can get her running is to activate the hidden admin account and use it instead of her regular user. From there, everything works fine except for one major problem: We are back to Cannot map network drives to the office server once again. This is a necessity. and I had it working fine before this update. When using Net Use after the VPN connects, it just stops. Eventually get error 85 but I already cleared mount point 2 in registry amd the VPN connects with no problem. I can ping by name or by IP address. My own system connects to the server and maps drives just fine and so do 20 other users I am connected to her by remote access so everything is 10 times as hard to do anyway. And nothing seems to create that mapping on her system. The last time this happened I dfinnally traced it to her ISP blocking port 445. Server 2008 R1 doesnt need that port so I switched the whole office back to 2008 R1 just so she could connect.. Now, even that is gone and I have no idea why. My only thought is that maybe you cannot map a drive when running the remote system under the admin account? When she gets back, I can reload the whole system but for now. I hope someone knows a Magic Solution. I can try to create a new regular user but by remote it would take installing a lot of extra software I'm grasping at straws and will take any advice offered. I also have tried logging her in as a different user. No Good. VPN works but no mapping

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Longshot -- Does she have any filters set for port 5357? –  Ben Plont Jun 2 '13 at 2:46
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