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I now have a shared server which I use for email. At the moment, I'm configuring a new VPS and I'd like to be able to copy the email from the shared server to the VPS. I'm setting up Postfix using this tutorial and have to choose whether I will use mbox or Maildir. I don't know what to choose here.

The mail directory on my shared server looks like this:

  • mail
    • .Drafts
    • .Junk
    • .Sent
    • .spam
    • .Trash
    • archive
    • cur
    • new
    • tmp
    • .info@my-domain_com -> mail/
      • info
        • (all my directories and .Drafts through tmp of the mail directory)
        • (dovecot files)
    • (dovecot files)

What mailbox type should I use to be able to copy the mails from my shared server to the VPS later on?

To me, it looks like Maildir, but different accounts have been placed in one directory (i.e. not in the user's home directory but in the domain directory, mail/

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I got this working by using Maildir (not mbox). So I guess it's Maildir then.

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