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According to articles such as this, the .net framework consists of the class library and the CLR. However I also know that the C# compiler comes along, when you download the .net framework.

Officially are the C# and VB compilers considered a part of the .net framework?

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interestingly, as an interpreted family of languages, like java, the sdk contains a compiler that creates an assembly code (MSIL in this case), which at execute time is compiled into native instructions, so yes the .net framework contains a compiler, but not the one you would think.… – Frank Thomas Jun 3 '13 at 4:49
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No, the compilers are not part of the .NET framework. The Frameworks are pre-compiled binaries that other programs need if they were created using .NET. If you are looking for the .NET compilers, you can get them here. These are the Express version, which are free to download and use.

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you can find cli .net compilers in the windows SDK as well. – Frank Thomas Jun 3 '13 at 4:47

Compilers don't come with the framework installer... there are just the files needed to execute applications built with .NET compilers

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