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Is it possible to run openvz in VirtualBox ?

Simply , I want to do this. operation system on my Real Computer is Windows (This is not virtual) In Windows I installed Virtual Box and installed Cent Os to virtual box . Now I installed openvz to Centos (it works) Centos is host OS for openvz. I want to install fedora to openvz as virtual OS . I can't do it , openvz gives me errors.

I want to ask that , it is possible to run Virtual operation system in openvz where openvz is installed to Virtual Box ?

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What do you mean by install fedora to openvz as virtual OS? Which layer structure is what you want ? Windows -> CentOS -> Fedora , or Windows -> CentOS -> OpenVZ -> Fedora ? – Jeff Jun 2 '13 at 14:57
this structure, Windows -> Virtual Box -> CentOS -> OpenVZ -> Fedora OpenVz installed on CentOS , CentOS is host OS for openvz – Taleh Ibrahimli Jun 4 '13 at 18:50

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