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I'm trying to use the grub-mkrescue command to produce a rescue disk. I invoke it like this:

grub-mkrescue -o grub.iso

This produces the .iso file, but when I try to boot from it using VirtualBox, it says that the boot medium cannot be read. When I open the file with an archiver, the .iso turns out to have just an empty /boot/grub directory.

I also noticed some people using the command like this:

grub-mkrescue -o grub.iso /boot/grub

But then it complains about that directory not existing. (Maybe it is relevant that I'm producing this on a Debian VPS, because I don't have access to an actual Linux PC currently.)

What could be causing this problem? Is it missing the GRUB files to store into the bootable image or am I using the command the wrong way?

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Although the occurrence of this problem is quite rare, I think it is beneficial to keep this question with my own answer for Google searches. – Overv Jun 3 '13 at 9:53

As it turns out, this happens when the system you're running this command on has no (accessible) /boot/grub directory. It will silently fail and produce an empty ISO file.

When running the same command on a normal desktop installation of Linux, the command produces a working bootable image.

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The following steps produce a working image for me:

  • create a Multiboot hello world main.elf file. GRUB knows how to boot those files (GRUB also knows how to boot the Linux kernel, even though it is not Multiboot)

  • create a iso/boot/grub/grub.cfg file containing:

    menuentry "main" {
        multiboot /boot/main.elf

    Place main.elf under iso/boot/

  • Generate an image and run it:

    grub-mkrescue -o main.img iso
    qemu-system-x86_64 -hda main.img

I have posted the exact code for this example at:

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