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Let's say I hide column A in excel or in google doc, how can I unhide it (show column A again). Column A is the most left column. I have column B,C and D etc...

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In Excel, left-click on the column B header and drag left. Then right-click and choose Unhide. – chuff Jun 3 '13 at 10:40
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In Excel, if a column is hidden, the separator line between the column headers is a bit more pronounced, i.e. thicker. To unhide column A, hover over the dark line next to the column B header, right-click an select "Unhide".

enter image description here

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Well, on Google Docs you have little > mark to click on and expand hidden colums.
On LibreOffice you can click on the first header to mark all columns and rows and than click on Format/Row(Column)/Show.
I personally don't use excel so I'm guessing it's same as this second example

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You can actually select column B and the column with the numbers, then right click and select Unhide.

Click and hold on column B and drag your mouse to the left and you'll have selected B and the column with numbers.

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On Google Docs, there's a small triangle in the column to the right (in this case Column B) to unhide. However, if Column B is frozen, then this triangle will be disabled. In this case, select from the menu View -> Freeze Columns -> No frozen columns. After that, the triangle will be enabled again.

(courtesy of this post)

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