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I have a Lenovo Ideapad U260 and have been trying to install Linux Mint Cinnamon Maya for the past few hours!

I turn on my Windows 7 computer (which hasn't been working; Startup Repair loop) and press F12 to be turned to the boot menu, where I choose to run Linux Mint. It turns on and works fine and dandy, but only Live - I haven't been able to actually install it on my hard drive.

Whenever I try to install it the main hurdle I keep facing is the fact that after telling me how to get the best results, I should ensure that this computer is plugged in, connected to the internet, etc, I press continue and it doesn't take me to the next screen about partitioning - it just freezes while loading that page. I've tried installing Olivia (and this happened) so then I tried Maya, which supposedly had fewer problems. I've tried multiple USB ports but just can't get past the install.

It works perfectly fine when I have the USB hanging out and am running it from there, but I'd like to install Mint, salvage what I can from my Windows side and be done with Microsoft but I can't even download Mint!! gah! Can I download Mint directly from the website onto my computer (since the USB boot then download option doesn't seem to be workin all the way through)

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Sounds like you may have a Hard Drive problem. –  terdon Jun 3 '13 at 14:46
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