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We've been using a Tortoise SVN setup at our office for years now without issue. All systems are Windows 7 and the repository is located on a NAS drive. Tortoise SVN is fully up-to-date and was working without issue until this morning when the first update was attempted. The following error message appears in the log:

Unable to connect to a repository at URL 'file:///Z:/NASDIRECTORY/repository'
Unable to open an ra_local session to URL
Unable to open repository 'file:///Z:/NASDIRECTORY/repository'
Can't open file 'Z:\NASDIRECTORY\repository\db\current': The system cannot find the file specified.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get over this errors? I've looked online for hours and can't seem to find anything that will work.

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If you navigate to the Z:\ drive, are the files there? Does it work after navigating there? – Darth Android Jun 3 '13 at 19:31
Yes, I have full access to the drive and all of the files are in the repository. But it does not work after navigating there. – Chris Greland Jun 3 '13 at 20:01

I hope you do have a backup. Otherwise you will need to repair the repository manually.

  1. The local repository Z:\NASDIRECTORY\repository\ is broken. It does not have current file under \db. That's a matter to investigate.

  2. Simultaneous access of multiple clients via file:/// protocol, especially to NAS, is strongly discouraged. You should setup a server and access your repositories via HTTP(S) or svnserve at least.

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