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If I manually delete many gigs of older files from my users Windows 7 and Vista backups, how will it impact the backup and restore catalogs. I fear that the catalogs may become corrupted or otherwise unusable if the expected files and folders listed in the catalog(s) are missing should I attempt a restore.


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More info here on how the backups folders and files are structured… – Matthew Lock Jun 11 '14 at 7:30

From SevenForuns:

Right click on the computer name of the backup that you want to delete, and click on Open.

enter image description here

If prompted, click on Continue and Yes (UAC).

enter image description here

Right click on the Backup Set YYYY-MM-DD HHMMSS folder of the backup period that you want to delete, and click on Delete.

enter image description here

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I have for the longest time disliked windows 7's inability to prune older backups. So, I eventually made my own script that does it for me. I also created a simple installer for a scheduled task.

Here it is if anyone is interested:

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This doesn't really answer the question that was asked. – fixer1234 Jul 19 '15 at 15:00

I know that this also doesn't answer the question as asked, but...

Based on Brent's idea (credit where it is due) I have just written a windows batch script (which doesn't need AutoIt) which will prune your windows backup directory to delete older Backup Sets. You need to add a registry entry to get Windows Backup to create backup sets more frequently than once per year.

The script, registry entry and an example Task Scheduler xml file are available on GitHub.

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