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I am considering hosting a web application with a PaaS provider called CloudBees. The only thing about the Free Tier (which is what I'm using) of CloudBees is that they make your web app available at your-web-app.cloudbees.net.

If at all possible, I'd like to buy your-web-app.com and somehow redirect it to your-web-app.cloudbees.net under the hood, in such a way (for security, privacy reasons) that my users never know I'm really hosted at your-web-app.cloudbees.net.

So, from a user experience perspective, users would go to your-web-app.com but under the hood all requests go to your-web-app.cloudbees.net for processing.

I'm open to using a reverse proxy if that is the only solution, but would first prefer a pure DNS (or some other creative) solution. Thanks in advance!

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Similar question with an answer on StackOverflow if that helps. stackoverflow.com/a/14015191/322358 –  James Jun 4 '13 at 7:02
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