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I have Windows 7, and my computer has been blocking ports 1935 and 843 for no reason for a while now. If for example, I try to watch twitch, nothing will work because those two are getting blocked.

Here is what I've tried to no avail:

1) Tried different browsers 2) Turned off Firewall 3) Tried making ALLOW rules on windows firewall for those two ports

So I've ruled out firewall or any weird browser issues. It is not an issue with our router either because on all of the other computers in our place twitch works fine, but on my computer even in different places twitch does not work.

netstat -an shows this: TCP SYN_SENT TCP SYN_SENT netstat -o shows this: TCP stackoverflow:http ESTABLISHED 5768 TCP cp:https CLOSE_WAIT 5768 TCP video23:1935 SYN_SENT 5768 netstat -anobv shows this: [chrome.exe] TCP SYN_SENT 5768 [chrome.exe] TCP SYN_SENT 5768

Anyway, I looked at all these and it showed that chrome was the ONLY thing that was associated with those two ports on my computer. I'm stumped now -- what could be blocking these ports? Is there anything I can do besides reformatting the entire thing?

BTW, on my linux partition, everything works fine... it's just that on the few rare times I have to be on Windows I'd rather not put everything on hold and reboot.

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Both are Adobe Flash ports. I know that Microsoft did a blacklist on several sites using Flash. Thought that was Win8 only. Try and uninstall/reinstall Adobe Flash Player.

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I doubt that that'd do anything, because chrome comes with flash, and I mainly use chrome. Just tried it for the hell of it, did nothing. :/ – Joe Jun 4 '13 at 4:59

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