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I have a document in doc format. When I save that in html format in Word then the page width is changed (increased) and all text clutters up and it is very annoying to again adjust them. Is there some way to make it as a web page with a view just same as doc format (i.e with the same page width). I tried google docs but not working.

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What part of Google Docs is not working? Did you try Filtered HTML in Word? – thegreyspot Oct 25 '09 at 13:54

Eww... please don't use Word to create web pages. It generates a soup of MS-specific HTML and CSS, which is horrible for browsers, and completely unmaintainable except through Word.

If you want to be designing web pages visually I recommend a tool such as Microsoft Expression Web 3.

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Word assumes a fixed page width. That's why you can tell word how big a page should be. The web however, doesn't (or at least shouldn't) make any such assumptions. When writing HTML, either manually or using Word, you have no way of knowing how large the broser window will be when the HTML is rendered again.

If you want a fixed layout that looks exactly as it looked in Word, convert your document to PDF and offer that for download.

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In general, transforming among different file types does not maintain the fidelity of the original. You may even have problems taking the Word document to a PDF format, particularly with pagination.

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