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My university, so-called most premiere uni in the country, is suffering slow internet for years, although our country has high speed broadband like 100mpbs.

Can P2P setup in University reduce traffic to internet? I'm not imagining using Limewire cuz it requires internet too, right? I'm thinking of a P2P setup that works only in the university network, which may require some infrastructure.

Or it could be a centralized local server that users can log in and grab movie or whatever files from. Since this only works locally within the uni network, will this option affect internet speed?

I'm imagining that the speed to internet is affected anyway if the local network is congested.. since data needs to route through the local network until the gateway to the internet right?



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You might want to consider something like a DC++ client/server (e.g. ApexDC++). Regardless, software recommendations are not allowed on Super User (especially in regards to the content you speak of), and furthermore, it's not clear here what exactly you're asking for. – Breakthrough Jun 4 '13 at 19:36
I don't think he's asking for a software recommendation, but rather a general question for the feasibility of a distributed local file sharing network. – wonton Jun 4 '13 at 19:38
This question is a little vague. It's not clear what kind of traffic is to be expected on the P2P network. – slhck Jun 4 '13 at 20:30

Contact your university's CS or IT department if you have one. I'm sure something like this already exists, just that it's not advertised.

Computers in the same local network do tend to have faster connections since they're not bottlenecked by the single node to the internet.

If you're trying to share files, you could share a folder and direct your friends to connect to that folder. How this is accomplished varies by operating system. This may be of some help if that's what you want to do How can I share a directory in a network?