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I have a list of files which are in the format on the left. I want to append a string to each file name, but before the extension, as shown:

File 1.txt  ->  File 1 version 1.txt
File 2.txt  ->  File 2 version 1.txt
File 3.txt  ->  File 3 version 1.txt
File 4.txt  ->  File 4 version 1.txt

In each case, the appended string is the same across all files.

This seems like such a simple task, but I'm having some trouble putting this into a batch file.

I've tried the ren command and followed some the the examples on this page, but the resulting file names append the string after the extension:

File 1.txt version 1.txt
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The info at your SS64 "this page" link comes from this SU Q&A (with my blessing): How does the Windows RENAME command interpret wildcards? I maintain the SU answer (infrequently) as I discover new features. –  dbenham Jun 5 '13 at 13:58

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for longer filenames you will have to add some more ? in the block with the mass of ?????????

ren *.?* ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????" version 1".*
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Thanks for answering so promptly! I edited the command slightly, to retain the file extension, and to only affect txt files: ren *.txt ?????????????????????????" Version 1.txt" –  TheTurkey Jun 5 '13 at 11:13

Instead of relying on ren's undocumented quirks, why not do this the proper way?

for %a in (*.txt) do ren "%~a" "%~na version 1%~xa"

If you want to use this in a batch file just remember to double each % sign.

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Excellent! this is a better answer any day. +1 –  Fr0zenFyr Jul 24 '14 at 10:05

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