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I am having problems with a NTFS disk mounted as a fuseblk in my ubuntu 12.10 through external usb3.

When I did a 1.1TB backup with rsync the speed was 1-2MB/s (wiht a ext4 disk speed was 70 MB/s before and after trying the NTFS disk). Also after one hour errors started to appear:

  • rsync: write failed on "xxx": No such file or directory
  • recv_files: "yyy" is a directory #but this file is a FILE not a dir ??!!
  • ....

As this is the first time I have mounted the NTFS in linux for heavy usage (the data would be used in windows afterwards), I would like to know if this kind of thinks are common o was only that something became unstable in my system and a simply restart would probably have solved it.

This leads me to the these questions:

  • Can I trust fuse for manage NTFS disks?

  • Or is a problem of the NTFS tools in linux not yet totally stables for writing?

  • Do people is still suffering from low performance with fuse-NTFS vs ext4 (in the past I have read about people complaining about this)?

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