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I downloaded a Debian Wheezy netinstall iso, and installed it with only the bare minimum applications and settings. I skipped over installing a display manager and window manager during installation.

I then added a Linux Mint backport repository and installed Cinnamon DE, and later installed gdm3 and lightdm. I don't know from which repository lightdm and gdm3 got installed.

Once I reboot my system after installation, I got to see that, there was a Debian Wheezy wallpaper at the grub menu, as well as,


and all the similar folders has Debian Wheezy wallpapers.

1) My question is, where from was these wallpapers installed. Was it there in the net-install iso, or was it part of gdm or lightdm ?

2) How do I remove those and add my own wallpapers? I do want to remove the default wallpapers, add mine, and how do I show my wallpapers in the setting ( right click--> change desktop background) ?

3) Since Cinnamon has a different settings unlike Gnome, when I choose to change the wallpapers, why is it that the wallpapers in /usr/share/backgrounds are not shown there ?

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