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So i have these Magic Info Pro (samsung) Software, and i installed on a remote screen the Power Point Viewer. But every time it starts, i have the titlebar.
My boss wishes that this bar dissapears. So i see that it is possible to right klick while PPT is running and go to FullScreen Mode.
I also found that it is possible to execute PPT like.

C:/PowerPoint Viewer/ /F C:/welcome.ppt

And this would do exactly what we wish.
But MagicInfo is executing this Presentations, and i cant change the code of this software. So is there a way, to let a program (in my case PPT) start in Windows, with spezific parameters? Like the /F? (it is ok if it would start every time with that parameter since this computer is really just a node where content is saved)

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I had the same problem and I'm using Window 7 Embedded and Powerpoint Viewer 2010. If you are using Powerpoint Viewer 2010, you will have to install Office 2010 SP1 otherwise the presentation won't loop.

Add the switch /f to the registry keys


It's probably not needed to edit both keys but I'm not sure which one is used.

The Default parameter for the registry keys should look something like

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\pptview.exe /f "%1"
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I had to add the /f flag to the following keys to get PowerPoint Viewer to open in full screen.


The suggestions in the accepted answer didn't work for me.

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This solution differs from the actually accepted one because the keys are ... .SlideShow. ... instead of ... .Show. .... – Hastur Apr 15 at 12:03

Microsoft PPT has the ability to save your powerpoint as a Windows Media Video (WMV) which can be initiated on startup in full screen mode and looping. It maybe a bit resource intensive but it's a quick fix

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