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Please show here how to install and activate OTR ("Off-The-Record") and Pidgin to me on both: Windows and Linux.

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How to setup pidgin with off the record support in Linux/Fedora 17:

  1. Install Operating System Fedora 17.
  2. Install pidgin with yum install pidgin
  3. Install otr with yum install pidgin-otr
  4. Start pidgin.
  5. Click tools -> Plugins.
  6. Put a checkmark in Off-the-Record Messaging 3.2.1.
  7. Click Configure Plugin.
  8. Pick your account.
  9. Generate the key.
  10. Have your friend send you an OTR message. Normally you get this:

    (04:16:14 PM) otheruser@something.com: ?OTRv23? otheruser@something.com/Home has requested an Off-the-Record private conversation. However, you do not have a plugin to support that. See http://otr.cypherpunks.ca/ for more information.

  11. You will have to follow some onscreen directions and coordinate with your buddy to exchange fingerprints.

  12. Pick up that can citizen... The can of tyranny is thus kicked down the road another 50 yards with an illegal application of privacy.
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From the author:

  • On Linux: there is the package pidgin-otr to be installed

  • On Windows: you have to download the Win32 installer for pidgin from http://www.cypherpunks.ca/otr/

You can create a new user on your first login, just create a Jabber "XMPP"-Account use a new username and one of the free jabber-domain of your choice (for example: "jabber.ccc.de") and check the box at the bottom in the registration page to crate that user now.

In your contactlist you have to activate the "Off-The-Record Messaging" Plugin under (german): "Werkzeuge"->"Erweiterungen". Activate it and click configure to enable logging of encrypted chat, if desired. (be aware that it is good manners to inform the other side in chat, that you enabled logging)

here is a complete installation instruction with pictures: https://securityinabox.org/en/using_pidgin (but that is really cluttered with a lot too much to read.)

I would like to have this HowTo in one place (with only some few screenshots), so I can send the link to someone new for a quick start.

Here you find a A German HowTo.

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