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I want to create template in KMail: [Settings]->[Configure KMail]->[Identities]->[Modify]->[Templates] for sending message with footer like this:

Best regards,
<First Name> <Second Name>
<Job position>

and I want these First Name, Second Name and Organization was used from "General" tab, where I filled these fields "Your name:", "Organization", "Email address" and put into template.

Question: How I could do that? Is any how-to's and documents about using templates in Kmail application?

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If you have filled "Your name:" field in "General" tab, like so:

Your name: Jon Bullet

and John is the first name, Bullet is the second, so template is the following:

Best regards,
Software Engineer
Berlin Tech Company


Best regards,
Software Engineer
Berlin Tech Company


  1. %OFROMNAME is the full name written in the mentioned field
  2. %OFROMFNAME is the first name
  3. %OFROMLNAME is the second name
  4. %CURSOR will put your cursor on this place, in our case at the beginning of the new line
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