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My husband tried to upgrade from vista 64 bit to windows 7 64 bit on an HP pavilion dv4-1275mx. He's getting a screen that says upgrade not successful. Your previous version is being restored. Except it isn't. It just keeps trying to reboot over and over. I tried the system restore disc I made when we bought it and it says something about system restore won't work while the computer is in a limited state or something. Anyway, it didn't work. What should I do now. I don't have a vista cd--it came installed.w

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I believe i heared some problems with upgrading 64 bit.

The only thing what i could say is the following;
-Download GParted:
-Burn it to a disc/USB etc...
-Boot from it
-Make a new partition (if it's possible) at least 16 GB.
-Or you could just use an external harddrive
-Put a clean Windows 7 install on the new partition/hard drive
-copy important files to that new win7 installation
-delete the 1st partition using the disc

I would say that is a method.

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Check whether there is a special partition with an image of a fresh OS inside the BIOS.

Perhaps it is called something like recovery boot or similar.

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