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I do not use my right Alt, and I would like to have a Underline key on that place.

Is there a way to configure my right Alt to be an underline character key?

update: using Windows 7

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By "underline key" you mean something like Ctrl+U in Word, or did you mean the underscore key? If the former, there's no generic key for that and different apps may use different shortcuts, so this will probably require a fairly complex AutoHotkey script that will do per-app key remapping. – Karan Jun 7 '13 at 1:57

You should look into AutoHotkey. You can use that program to assign different functions to your keys or you can create your own keyboard shortcuts.

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Check out Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator. With that you can create you own keyboard layout and install it on you computer in control panel -> keyboard. You should be able to map Alt to what ever you want.

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