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Is there a way to find the number of groups assigned to a user in linux?

 as of right now i have:
 foo : foo bar apple users

An app I use may have given a user a group of "apple users" but I cant tell and when i ran

 groups foo | awk {print $6}

I received


I'm lost on how do find out how many users I have

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As groups returns a list of groups your account is in, you can use the following:

groups | wc -w

The wc -w will count the number of words returned by groups.

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The groups command does not account for groups with spaces in its output. So a group with a space in the name is output the same as two separate groups.

I would do it this way:

 grep "apple users" /etc/group

This should return something like

 apple users:x:1010:fred,barney,dino
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Although I appreciate this answer, I had lookd in /etc/groups and "apple users" was not there. It is a group assigned by centrifydc. Thank you! – Cole Busby Jun 7 '13 at 17:15

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