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I'm developing a website using ASP.NET.

I have a form with user name / password and a connect button.

Internet Explorer and Firefox prompt me to save the password, but Google Chrome doesn't.

Any idea why?

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This is probably due to your Chrome browser settings:

settings -> advanced -> Offer to save passwords I enter on the web

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It can be because the form is not actually being "submitted". Check the onsubmit attribute to see if it returns false, which cancels the submission.

Read this: why doesn't chrome recognize this login form?

The important comment is:

Yes, it doesn't work when you remove return false. You will need to rewrite your code. Chrome does not offer to save passwords from forms that are not "submitted" as a security feature. If you want the Save Password feature to work, you're going to have to ditch the whole fancy AJAX login.

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