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This is similar to How to disable Ctrl+Shift keyboard layout switch (for the same input language) in Windows?, but regards Windows 8.

Here, I can change the keyboard language with Win+Space which is fine, but it also changes with Ctrl+Shift which is not. Is it possible to disable this on Win 8 as well?

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Thank you for asking this question... this "feature" has really bugged me, and the way to turn it off is not available from the standard settings UI for languages and keyboards. –  LarsH Feb 22 at 15:31

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You can disable the sequence Ctrl + Shift in Windows 8.

  1. In "Control Panel" | "Clock, Language and Region" | "Language" click "Advanced Settings" in the left pane.
  2. In "Advanced settings" click "Change Language bar hot keys"
  3. In "Text Services and Input Languages" click "Change Key Seqquence" button and disable the the key sequence.
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interesting, I don't have "Clock, Language and Region". I have Language and Region as separate options in the control panel... –  klyonrad Aug 13 '13 at 11:39
Ditto (in Windows 8.1). And there is no "Advanced Settings" button. :-( –  LarsH Feb 22 at 15:35
@LarsH: It's not a button, it's a link (on the left). I have it in 8.1. (But then, my version of 8.1 says "Clock, Language and Region", so...) –  T.J. Crowder May 22 at 11:22

In case you can't find the option as it's described in the other answer

  • Control Panel
  • Language
  • Advanced Settings (on the left side)

*Advanced Settings* (on the left side)

  • Switching input methods -> Change Language bar hot keys

Switching input methods -> *Change Language bar hot keys*

  • In the Tab Advanced Key Settings

    In the Tab Advanced Key Settings

  • Change Key Sequence FINALLY!

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Thank you! I couldn't get the other answer to work, but with this one I was successful. I wish I could upvote this meticulous, illustrated answer twice. –  LarsH Feb 22 at 15:39

Poor, poor, poor design by M$ (surprise, surprise). The option to change the settings for "switch keyboard layout" require that the user select "Between input languages". I saw this setting twice as I searched for the option to turn the *&^#@%@ thing off (brilliant initial design, using two keys immediately beside each other that can easily be hit together accidentally). Unfortunately, the description mentions changing languages rather than keyboard layouts (these are NOT the same thing, even in the M$ warped view of the world, but you have to open that dialog to discover that there is, indeed, a setting for keyboard layout).

If you are trying to change these settings, follow the instructions above (and then you can curse microsoft quietly and just for fun instead of when you can't type anything comprehensible because of their poor design choices).

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