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Do computer viruses affect all user accounts on a computer?

IF a virus affects a local user will that effect administrator account and vise-versa?

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Viruses are all different and designed to do different things. The infection you were asking about in the other responder's message, "W32.Korgo.G", is actually a worm. It exploits a vulnerability in the LSASS.

After digging through some of the documentation on the worm at the Symantec site I can safely say this does affect all users on the machine.

Since it's a worm it may have affected other machines on your network as well.

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This will depend on what the virus does.
But in most of the cases, it will affect all the user account. I cant go into more details without talking about a specific virus.

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Thanks for the replay. If virus is of type W32 example: "W32.Korgo.G". will this affect all the user accounts? – user229642 Jun 7 '13 at 6:43

A Virus in general does not depend on the user account. Maybe read in Wikipedia what a Virus is.

Maybe you are more relating to Malware that are often interested in information about the current user. An example is a trojan horse trying to get access to your computer with the information of the logged users.

So in general a virus does not depend on the user account and affects all the user**s. On the other hand a virus or **malsware often uses the information of the logged user. So another user account may not be affected by a malware, but can => depends on the malware/virus.

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Thanks for the replay. Here i'm moving forward to remove the virus manually through regestry key deletion. Here consider the scenario of virus of type W32 example: "W32.Korgo.G". will this affect all the user accounts? will this creates registry keys in all the user accounts on the computer. – user229642 Jun 7 '13 at 6:48
That Virus is not interested in user information and runs independent from the user. So the whole machine is affected and that means all users. See Symantec… – FiveO Jun 7 '13 at 6:51

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