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I have to write a document that will be later opened by other people in Word 2003. The document contains lots of equations and AFAIK Word 2013 doesn't use the same equation format as Word 2003 so they will be converted to images when I save in the old .doc format.

Where can I download a trial version of Microsoft Word 2003?

I found a link to Standard Edition here but it requires you to enter a registration key during installation (which I obviously don't have).


I need to write equations specifically with Microsoft Equation 2.0 or 3.0 (it's their requirement) and LibreOffice uses another format as well as MS Office 2010/2013. I couldn't find a way other than using MS Word 2003 (please tell one if you know).

Edit 2:

OK, it seems I finally found how to insert Microsoft Equation 3.0 equations (Insert -> Object -> Microsoft Equation 3.0).

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MS Office is a product that needs to be licensed. Office 2003 has been out of support for a few years. It has been superseded by 2007, then 2010, and the current version is 2013.

I seriously doubt that there are any free official trial licenses for download. If you need a copy of Office 2003, you will need to purchase it through the regular retail channels.

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I have been in your situation in the past. I called around to local companies, professional businesses (ie engineering companies, architect companies, etc) and asked to speak with their IT department. I asked if they had any older software no longer in use and if they would be willing to give it to me or sell it to me. Sometimes they'll just give it to you since it's collecting dust and no longer used in the field/office.

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If a company has bought licences of Office 2003, they cannot just "give" them away. AFAIK that would be in breach of the license agreement. – teylyn Jun 7 '13 at 13:59

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