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I've a file M on my Mac (OS X ML 10.8.4) and file P on my PC (Win7). File P was originally a copy of file M but is now slightly updated. File M has some extended attributes.

How can I copy file P onto file M, while preserving the extended attributes on file M?

Generally if I copy-paste P onto M through network share, the extended attributes on M are lost.

I'm looking for a an easily implementable / scalable way. cat P > M is not really an option (not even sure if that works). Could rsync help here?

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If there are still ._ files, you can merge them with dot_clean:

$ ls -A
._test.txt test.txt
$ xattr -l test.txt
$ dot_clean .
$ ls -A
$ xattr -l test.txt utf-8;134217984

You can copy attributes with xattr -wx and -px:

xattr -wx attributename "$(xattr -px attributename source.txt)" target.txt

xattr only prints attribute names if the argument is a single file:

for f; do
  for a in $(xattr "$f"); do
    xattr -wx $a "$(xattr -px $a ~/Documents/Original/"$f")" "$f"
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