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I have been reading examples here and I'm obviously getting something wrong. So, please show me or direct me to an answer here that explains how to do the following:

I have three computers, A, B, and C. I am sitting at A. I want to see the display of C. I can run x11vnc on C, which would work except for the firewall. A can only SSH to B (only SSH - no other services). B can fully access C. If it matters, C can fully access B and I have control over the firewall between B and A so I can give C any port access to A that is necessary.

I tried many different ways to have A use a vnc client to B and have B use SSH to forward that to C. It isn't working. I do not know of a way to have C push anything to A, bypassing B all together. It seems to me that the easiest thing to do would be to connect to C, then SSH to A and have port 5900 of A go back to port 5900 of C. Then, from A, just vnc client to localhost:5900. But, that hasn't worked either.

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