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I had Windows 7 recently, how can i search for files (*.pom files) which contain a string, using a filter so the search do not take a long time? is there a query language to use in the search tool bar? Thank you :)

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Search "search string" in file *.pom (fulltext search engines):

search-ms:query=(ext:.pom) "search string"

Search file *.pom except "search string" in file name:

search-ms:query=((ext:.pom)LIKE(-filename:"*search string*.pom"))

Search file *.pom AND "search string" in file name:

search-ms:query=((ext:.pom)LIKE(filename:"*search string*.pom"))
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Thank you STTR for your reply, may be i was not clear in my first question, but i am seraching pom files which have in their content my string not in the name of the files ;) –  james baron Jun 7 '13 at 17:37
@jamesbaron Updated, see again. –  STTR Jun 8 '13 at 7:05

it doesn't work :( for me, it gives results for files (.pom) found inside (.rar) files, but in the same folder the rar files are unzipped so it should gives to me unzipped (.pom) files directly, may be i will use an external tool or console commands, thank you STTR

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Yeah, I'd recommend an external tool like FileLocator Pro for this. –  snowdude Jun 26 '13 at 8:38
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Well I have found a tool named FileSearchEX that uses a search engine similar to the Windows XP search tool, it has a a trial period, but you can uninstall/install it many times if you want, it could be integrated to the explorer menu ;)

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