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I have a wireless router running DD-WRT (the latest version) and I set it up to be a Repeater Bridge to function as a second router, which means I had to change the Local IP Address and change the router mode to "Router" from "AP" mode. After I did so all devices connected to this router network properly and connect to each other and the internet, but I cannot access the second router's Web GUI. As a matter of fact, all devices connected to the router point to the primary router (AP mode) as being the Gateway and Router, and I can access the primary router's Web GUI.

Any idea how to access the second router's Web GUI? Any ideas are appreciated.

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Thanks @Breakthrough I figured it out now :) –  seanthewebber Jun 8 '13 at 0:00

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Here's what was wrong:

I set the "Local IP Address" as my primary router's IP Address. Only the Gateway and Local DNS have to be the primary router's IP Address. The Local IP Address should be something outside the primary router's DHCP range.

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how did you recover? I'm in a similar situation and want to avoid factory reset if I can –  DXM Dec 1 '13 at 19:50

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