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When Nautilus is in list view (more like treeview) when I right-click on a Folder, there's no option to create a File/Folder. When I right-click on a file within the folder, it also gives no option to create anything.

How do I create Files/Folders when viewing Nautilus in List View?

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Actually the problem is the absence of 'white space' in nautilus in list view. On a windows OS, either list or detailed view you must click (right or left click) on the folder or folder name itself. So simply by moving the mouse to the right a little you can right click on white space and easily get to the 'create folder' option. In nautilus, the entire window is split into rows and columns, and clicking in any row will select the folder. So if you have more files than can be shown without scrolling, your sunk. This actually really ticks me off. This is a bug that should have been fixed years ago.

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Yes! This is exactly the problem I'm talking about. I just know so little in the way of C programming and Gnome to actually go though the source and fix it. =/ – RyanScottLewis Dec 13 '10 at 19:05

when I right-click on a Folder, there's no option to create a File/Folder

As far as I know this is normal behaviour since the menu is requiring you to take action on the folder itself. However if you right-click outside of the folder structure you will get the "Create Folder" menu.

If you have a folder selected you can still create a new folder by going to the File menu and selecting "Create Folder" or by pressing Shift+Ctrl+N. After you have created the folder you could just drag it into the parent folder.

I understand what you want to accomplish but as far as I know that behaviour does not exist in Ubuntu or any other OS.

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Disappointing, but thank you. – RyanScottLewis Nov 4 '09 at 9:17

In later versions of Nautilus (I am running 3.6) there is a gear icon which allows you to access a directory context menu.

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But later versions of Nautilus also got rid of the list view or any custom view modes for that matter. – Glutanimate Sep 1 '13 at 1:36

As yeah___right said, this was a bug in nautilus, this bug is now fixed and the fix will be in next version of nautilus (possibly 3.4)

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