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I need to generate several ext2 images. The obvious way to do that is to create an image, mount it & copy the content. But it requires root permissions twice (to chown the files and to mount the image). Also I found two tools for generating images: e2fsimage & genext2fs.

  • genext2fs places the image in RAM while generating but size of one of my images is ~30GiB.

  • e2fsimage crashes with some values of image size.

So how can I generate my images? It would be nice if the tool will calculate the image size itself.

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Figured out why e2fsimage crashes. It is caused by int32 overflow when image size is greater than 4GiB. So the solution is to count required blocks & inodes, create loop file (truncate & mke2fs) and then use e2fsimage with -n argument (so it will not create the loopfile but use already created one)

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Creating image does not need root privilege. Here is an example to create an ext2 image:

dd if=/dev/zero of=./MyDisk.ext2 bs=512 count=20480
mkfs.ext2 ./MyDisk.ext2

but the root privilege is needed to mount the device:

mkdir MyDisk
sudo mount ./MyDisk.ext2 MyDisk
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