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I have WiFi router connected to the Internet through pppoe. Router has latest version of firmware installed. I have no any antivirus software running and firewall enabled.

My router is ASUS RT-N10LX(

My net is   :  
WiFi gateway:  
WiFi clients: Windows 7 Professional (x32)),  

I have access to the Internet from any connected devices. I can ping WiFi router from any devices which have wireless connection to it. From webadmin of my WiFi router, I can see IP addresses of all devices connected to it.

I cannot do ping between devices.
I have "Destination Host Unreachable" message.

But I can do ping from my PC if it connected by cable.

I already did:

  i)netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt  
 ii)netsh winsock reset catalog 
iii)netsh -c interface ipv4 add neighbors "Network Card Name" "" "xx-xx-xx-xx"

What I need to do to resolve this?
Thank you in advance for any help.)

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Can you ping the devices from your router? Many routers offer a ping test tool via webinterface. Also do you have another windows/linux client to test with as this would be easier to debug. Also please include output from ipconfig /all as well as a route print – leepfrog Jun 8 '13 at 17:55
My router has no tool for pinging. I have no any additional OS to test. Here are listings: – headroot Jun 9 '13 at 6:46
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Many wireless access points have "client isolation" enabled, which prohibits direct communication between connected devices. It's likely you just need to disable that.

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I've already checked my access point for 'client isolation'. It's disabled. – headroot Jun 8 '13 at 17:09

I found solution. I've done factory reset for my router and issue was solved.
Thanks to all for helping.

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If you are looking for that, it is in Wireless -> Professional menu as "Set AP Isolated" and I had to set it to "Yes" and "Apply" and then back to "No" and "Apply" and now it works.

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That presumably depends on the exact device involved. – vonbrand Mar 21 at 0:07

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