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Is there any simple way to see a diff between the current state of the file and the state that it would be if I were to u once? Sometimes I would like to see what the last change was (especially when I'm not sure what I pressed) but a simple blink-test (u and ^r) isn't making the last change obvious.

I could probably perform an undo, then write it to another buffer, then revert the undo, then vimdiff the buffers. However I am hoping that something simpler exists.


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Both the undotree.vim - Display your undo history in a graph plugin and Gundo - Visualize your undo tree (requires Python) can do that. It'll show the undo points on the left side and a diff of the last undo in a bottom window.

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Terrific, Ingo. Thank you very much! – dotancohen Jun 10 '13 at 4:47

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