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I have my Firefox Passwords synced to my android tablet device.

Now that device got stolen, and I am not sure, if i had really set a masterpassword on the stored passwords there. Can I somehow delete the Passwords on that device?

I got some hints here: How can I remove a non-existent/lost device from firefox sync?

But I am not sure how to do it right in my case.

Here is a description how to delete all sync data, but I guess, the other devices will not delete the data locally then, or would they?

Here is an article in the firefox support forum:

Disable Firefox Sync on a lost phone or tablet

So you've just lost your device (sorry about that) and you realize you've been using Firefox Sync to get all of your usernames and passwords on it. This article describes what you should do to prevent someone from accessing your passwords.

First, change your sync password from a synced computer

This first step will prevent your lost phone from connecting to the sync server and getting all of the new passwords that you will have to create.

Second, change all of your account passwords from a synced computer ...

But i think this is not a good solution: There must be a better solution than changing all my passwords. (I for example have hundredths of passwords for lots of forums and blogs in it).

Maybe a better way would be to change all passwords to something nonsense and then synchronize those wrong passwords to the stolen tablet once it goes online. But that would be a lot of work too.

The best solution would be to delete all passwords in my sync-account but not the account itself, so the device will get an empty passwordlist at the next sync

I would export all passwords locally with the Password Exporter Addon

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I filed this in the Mozilla bugtracker here and here – rubo77 Jun 10 '13 at 8:10

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