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I have a Ubuntu Machine connecting through a proxy server to the internet. I'd like to turn this machine into a Wireless Access Point.

I should look like this:

(Client) --wireless--> (Access Point) --wired--> (Proxy)

The Access Point should form a new subnet for the clients. Ideally the clients should not be able to see each other, but that's just a bonus.

The part Client to Access Point I can handle, but the rest is very confusing to me.

I found several programs for attaching a proxy to a network interface:

  • tun2socks
  • redsocks
  • dante

None of them worked for me, so I'm hoping anyone of you has some experience with that kind of setup.

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Can you maybe describe why these things didn't work for you? They won't work in your situation, you're new to them and don't know how to configure them correctly, etc.. –  ekaj Jun 10 '13 at 3:52
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