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Got an old Lenovo R60e running XP Home that I use for misc. wireless tasks around the house. I had need to print from a fixed workstation to a USB printer in another room. So, I turned on printer sharing on the Lenovo. As soon as I applied it, my wifi connection dropped and I can't get it back. It throws an "error 117 Wireless stack initialization failed" any time I try to connect. I've rebooted, rolled back,all the obvious things. Looks like this is something pretty specific, hoping someone here has hit upon a solution for this already. Also of note, my wired network connection also disappeared. It's like the whole IP stack took a dump when I turned on printer sharing...

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Have you tried repairing the Intel PROset software?

Start -> Programs -> Control Panel
Add or Remove Programs
Scroll down to find the Intel PROSet/Wireless Software
Click Change/Remove
Select Modify and click Next and let it repair. 
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Score! I'd done the "uninstall driver" thing in hardware, never thought to try that. This worked! Thanks! – Brian Knoblauch Jun 9 '13 at 21:44

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