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I recently had my print cartridges refilled at Costo for my HP 2510 all-in-one printer. They worked for a few days, but now I've got a constant "Remove and check print cartridges" message on the printer with all the buttons flashing and I can't use or reset the printer. Am I overlooking some way to make the printer recheck the cartridges, or am I just screwed until I shell out for brand new cartridges? Has anyone had good luck getting their cartridges refilled at Costco, or are refilled cartridges generally bad news?

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Unless the refill is of high quality compatible ink then you run the risk of this sort of error.

Actually because the cartridges are designed for single use even if you refilled with ink of equal quality to the original you still might get failures.

NOTE: I'm not saying that the current situation where printer manufacturers charge an arm and a leg for replacement cartridges is a good place to be. Ink cartridges should be easily refillable and the manufactures and stores should have a system in place whereby you can return the empties and get a discount off new ones. The old cartridges would then be returned to the manufacturer and either refilled correctly or recycled safely.

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So what is it that my 2510 is sensing about the refilled cartridge that causes it to complain? – Jim Sweeney Oct 26 '09 at 15:59
Anything I suggest would only be speculation. It could be that the ink is slightly the wrong colour or consistency or that the act of refilling has broken the sensing circuit. Have you tried talking to Costo to see if it was just a refill that went bad? – ChrisF Oct 26 '09 at 16:09

I've had excellent results using Costco refilled ink cartridges for my Canon MX 882 AIO printer. The printer does constantly display "low ink" messages which I simply ignore (as advised by almost any cartridge refill company). I just wait until the print quality diminishes and then get the cartridge refilled. The cost is less than 1/2 of OEM cartridges and I do not detect a difference in quality. The ONLY disadvantage is the annoying dialog box saying low ink......which is hard to ignore.

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