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I have an Asus K70AB which has had an issue for a while. When it boots, there's a chance it'll freeze for an indefinite time before it seems to start doing anything. What it will do is:

  • The lights turn on, the fans start rotating and the CD drive makes a ticking sound for a second
  • It'll have a black screen for an indefinite time. This may not happen at all, or may take even up to 15 minutes or so
  • The POST screen comes up and everything seems to work normally, after which it'll continue to boot into Windows

This all leads me to think that there's a hardware related issue. I have tried to do the following things; all without any results, in the following order:

  • I have taken out the HDD
  • I have reset the BIOS to its factory settings
  • I have flashed the BIOS to its newest version
  • I have replaced the CMOS battery
  • I have taken out the CD drive
  • I have taken out both RAM sticks (one at a time)

At this point, I'm clueless as to what could be causing my issues. I was hoping someone here might have a suggestion which I forgot about.

Thank you in advance!

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I know that is hard to check and harder to happen in notebooks, but try to check for bulged capacitors in the motherboard. Something like capacitor plague.

bad capacitor another bad capacitor

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