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I have been bashing my head against this for a few days. I have a computer that is singularly running the Cisco VPN client to connect for a work application. Our web normally filters through a proxy on the network.

When the client is not connected, the web works fine. When the client is connected, no internet access works at all. Pinging/trace-routing return the correct IP address for the website, even when connected.

I have tried many things so far, but no one has a direct answer. The rub - when I try the same credentials on a identicle computer that is not behind the proxy it has no issues pulling the web.

I tracked some data, and the trace route will go through the LAN gateway, and isn't trying to go through the tunnel, but I think the client is still trying to capture HTTP data.

Does anyone have a place to start with this? Please let me know if I need to get more information.

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Check the answer I gave to a similar VPN question, here for what i think is the solution you need.

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