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Say I have a program which is a source of syslog events that I'd like to observe. Is there a standard way to run the program while sending the syslog events to its controlling terminal? Answers to similar questions such as this one involve modifying the syslog configuration files, but it's common to have permissions to run a program yet lack permissions to see syslog output, let alone change syslog configurations.

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You could probably do something like:

tail -f /path/to/logfile | egrep yourProgramName
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Makes sense, but in my environment (and this seems to be a common situation) I can run processes that write to /path/to/logfile but I can't read that file. For example I can run logger "hello world" but I can't observe my message being logged. Maybe that's by design. – gcbenison Jun 11 '13 at 21:11

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