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I've been using Sublime + UnrealScript plugin to program in UnrealScript, with UDK. But I was programming a save game system up, and got to adding a custom folder (..\save) when Sublime did this:

string coloring

It seems to be related to /* and the "" - Sublimes treating it like I'm missing a "

This also happens with '' as well.

This could be an issue with the UnrealScript plugin, I don't know. I would at least like to know why this is happening, as it seems to be a interpretation of sublime gone wrong (as in, Sublime thinks I'm doing / trying to do something, when really I'm not)

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It probably isn't the highlighted one, instead it's the next one followed by ". The \ character, as you may be aware, is an escape character (at least in many languages).

I am not familiar with your US language, but my bet is that is the issue there.

So you may need:



If US doesn't do that, which I would find surprising, then perhaps it's just the syntax highlighter getting confused. The real tell, obviously, is if it runs as expected.

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I do know its the highlighter getting confused. However the issue is that "\\" will have it look for "..\Save\\" the ..\ means look in root, but \\ means nothing - it will for that \\ as part of the filename, which I dont want – Gareth Jones Jun 12 '13 at 1:41
Pretty much every language I've seen on Windows allows you to use / instead of `\`. If you do that, you avoid these troubles. Dunno if that's the case with UnrealScript,but it's worth a try. – Alan Shutko Jun 12 '13 at 2:17
You clever clever person! Works fine now that I'm using / instead of \ - thanks. Can't believe I forgot to try that! – Gareth Jones Jun 12 '13 at 2:57

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